Why a Metal Roofing Contractor Recommends Metal Roofs

When compared to other roofing material choices, metal does come with its own distinct advantages. Such as, it is more durable than things like asphalt tiles, has a lifespan of 30 to 60 years, has a lesser degree of the chances of disintegration or decomposition. However, metal can be slightly more expensive but is lighter than other roofing materials, which places less stress upon your roofing rafters and supporting walls.

Metal is also fire resistant, which means people residing within wildfire areas will feel much safer having a fireproof roof. Ceramic tiles are also fire retardant, cost around the same as metal, but come with a certain architectural style and are much heavier. Metal is also better against the contraction and expansion of heat, provides more protection against snow, hailstorms, heat waves, and force gale winds.

Having the right style of metal roofing, does complement any properties architectural style, ranging from Tudor to Victorian. This is due to the fact metal can be painted any color or texture to mimic wood or slate. The placement of the metal sheets can also be customized, which cannot be said for shingles. Homeowners could have offset rows, vertical slats, small or large sheets, whatever suits their preference.

Because metal roofing does actually reflect much of the sun’s rays, it can save homeowners money over an extended period of time. For example, a light-colored roof can save almost 20% in HVAC running costs in the summer months, even though the cost of the material is quite high, the cost for the installation by a metal roofing contractor is lower, this is because it is able to be placed directly over an existing roof. Within some states, metal roofing also lowers homeowner’s insurance. People that are concerned about their environmental impact also prefer metal roofing as it can be constructed using a good percentage of recycled metal.

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